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Jamaican-born, American singer/songwriter Dennis Quan Aqua Faust Williams is a multi-talented independent artist with a Bold, Striking, and Inventive new wave of Alternative and R&B. An ingenious artist who is expertly crafting a unique and creative presence within Alternative and Soul music. Quan Aqua Faust is climbing up the ladder of success, with his striking and alluring rhythms, the talented artist portrays an atmospheric soundscape, which has attracted many fans of the genre.

Quan made his mark first with his track “I’m Begging“, which debuted on December 31, 2018. This track was featured on popular playlists such as Alternative R&B, Popular R&B, Breaking R&B and more. This song helped him gain a lot of fans and supporters across the world, which in theory got why the track got charted numerous times in the US and the Caribbean. The eclectic artist continued to flourish with his 2019 viral hit ‘EP’ “FaustFridae” produced by Dom Alaimo, which emanated a sense of love, calmness and Hip Hop. Gravitating listeners towards the powerful and sublime emotion of love, the ‘Extended Play’ charted twice on the US iTunes, as well as the Latin America platform. Selling over 10,000 units, the stunning project earned a sought-after position on numerous Discover Weekly playlists. Followed by the record “Messages” Experimenting with a range of vibrant elements, the riveting single featured a contemporary artist named Unique. The track has displayed a rich intersection of Rap verses and R&B rhythms.

Faust has embarked on new ventures recently with writing music with the aim of being signed to a reputable industry influential record label. Faust has also gained over 20,000 in followers on social media and was featured in the Press numerous times, some of these entities may include but not limited to FOX NY, Today in NY, Detroit Daily, Canada Music Today, Indie Music Biz, FOX 40, US National Times and more.



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